Brisbane North Fever Netball Club offer a range of programs to help interested members become qualified Umpires.

We have Junior Umpiring development programs for those under 18 wanting to learn, and adults with no experience but a passion to learn. In house development programs are cost free, and the club assists with State and National Accreditation.

All officials aged over 18, are required to have a Working With Children Blue Card before commencing any official roles.

Please email us at and we will be in touch to let you know how we can help you.


The Rules of Netball are underpinned by core values of equal opportunity and fair contest, stipulating that player safety must always be the paramount consideration, and that standards of good sporting behaviour and mutual respect must always be upheld.

The approval of any variations or trials to the Rules of Netball for international play must be sought in advance from World Netball, which also maintains sole responsibility for issuing any rule interpretations or application guidelines. 

World Netball introduced has an updated edition of the Rules of Netball in December 2023, which applies to international matches, and all affiliated competitions and events in Australia from 1 January 2024.for more information or to order a printed copy visit Netball Australia

As an affiliated Club with Brisbane Netball Association, Fever Umpires must also be familiar with the Brisbane Netball Association (BNA) Games Policy.

Learning Resources & Opportunities


·       Netball Learning Centre

·       Netball Queensland: Umpires

·       World Netball: Educational Resources

·       Inspire Netball Group: The Netball Vault - Please note that the Inspire Netball Group: The Netball Vault is a paid subscription.

Umpiring Opportunities 

·       Netball Umpires Queensland


Umpire Convenor: Phillipa Sesega

Assistant Umpire Convenor: Sharon Crawford

Junior Umpire Development Officer: Melissa Lindner

If you need to contact any of the above committee members please send an email to