Brisbane North Fever Netball Club (Fever) was established as a community netball club in 2015. The club currently fields teams in the Senior, Intermediate, Junior and NET, SET and Go divisions at Brisbane Netball Association Chermside, in both the Winter(April-September) and Summer(October-March) competitions. Though smaller in team numbers than some other clubs, Fever boasts outstanding results in team performances and representative selection.  

The aims of Fever are best represented in our chosen team colours.

Purple represents wisdom, creativity, pride, independence and dreams.  

White represents goodness, light and perfection.  

Stars represent our drive to reach our potential and be the best we can be, individually, as a team and as a Club.

As a Club and Executive committee, Fever is committed to providing an inclusive club for local families. We offer flexibility in payment options, bursaries and assistance with uniforms to ensure no child wanting to play netball is held back from chasing their dreams. Everyone in our Fever family is offered opportunities to expand their skill set to make the sport of netball better and stronger. Training is available for anyone looking to pursue coaching, managing and umpiring roles. Our management staff are all volunteers giving up their time to develop the sport of netball in our local community and we welcome anyone wishing to join us.

Fever- Winter- 2020- 53

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